Avnet has partnered with the industry's leading hardware, software and content providers to offer complete signage solutions.



Touch Screens

Make your digital signage interactive by adding touch screen enhancements that allow users to navigate the content and information they wish to view. Touch screens are ideal for signage used in a kiosk type environment or for enhancing way finders.


Professional, targeted content is crucial in driving return-on-investment. Avnet has partnered with the premier content developers in the industry to deliver the most professional and effective content at the consumer's point-of-decision.

Software / SaaS

Advanced content management software allows for easy, instant updates and scheduling of content. The software allows the firm to manage their own content, reducing the time and costs associated with continually having a creative/design firm make changes.


Ranging in sizes from 30 inches to 82 inches, large format industrial grade LCD panels (DIDs) and LCD monitors from the top suppliers in the industry, display your content brilliantly. These panels/monitors are designed specifically for digital signage, eliminating the risk of burn-in and burn-out that occur when typical consumer grade LCDs are used in a digital signage application

Operating System

The operating system provides the platform on which software and content run. Microsoft offers the Windows Embedded platform which gives solutions providers access to embedded-enabling tools for building digital signs that are more secure, reliable and manageable.


One of the considerations that is often overlooked is how your display will be mounted. Avnet offers mounts and enclosures to meet the needs of any digital signage installation, from wall and ceiling mounts to custom outdoor and flush wall installations.

Media Players / Platforms

Media players running on the world-class platforms are located on site and power individual monitors displaying content.

Servers & Storage Servers

Are essential in managing installations across a network of digital signage located in a single area or across the globe. Content needs to be stored in a central location and pushed to installations to effectively manage costs. Avnet is one of the largest distributors of servers and storage from the top manufacturers in the world from both an off-the-shelf and OEM perspective.

Cabling / Wireless

Download or stream content wirelessly across an entire network of displays. Update information or advertising on-the-fly in real time.