Nearly any technology distributor can sell you hardware and software for your digital signage solution, but what differentiates Avnet in the marketplace is our unique ability to deliver a full-line of services that create comprehensive solutions.


When planning a nationwide or worldwide rollout across a network of locations, many companies face financial challenges. As a global Fortune 500 company with a reputation for financial strength and stability, Avnet is here to assist you with your project's financial needs.

Custom Integration

With integration centers in North America, Europe and Asia, Avnet has the ability to custom integrate your solutions across the globe. Avnet's integration services include screen enhancements such as touch screen and anti-reflective coatings, back-end hardware solutions and custom hardware installation.

Site Survey & Installation

Avnet's global reach enables our installation experts to visit your locations to evaluate installation needs during a site survey. Considerations include power source, cabling/wireless connectivity, mount/enclosure needs and ideal display size determination.

On-Site Service Level Agreement (SLA)

On-site SLAs mean we're available wherever you are to evaluate, repair and replace failed or defective hardware. This unique ability limits your displays' downtime and helps protect against additional revenue loss.

Extended Warranty

Our warranty services ensure that you won't be left high and dry when solutions break-down in the field after an extended period of time.

Asset Recovery (Disposal / Refurbish)

A consideration often overlooked is what to do with hardware and displays that have reached the end of their usable lives. Avnet is able to refurbish, recycle or dispose of your old hardware in a "green" manner that complies with state and federal laws.

Content Management (SaaS)

Software as a service (Saas) allows the customer to track, control and update their content efficiently across a large network of installations from virtually anywhere in the world via web-based clients. This ensures locations around the world are always displaying the freshest, most-relevant and on-message content that enhances your brand and increases revenue.

Servers & Storage Servers

are essential in managing installations across a network of digital signage located in a single area or across the globe. Content needs to be stored in a central location and pushed to installations to effectively manage costs. Avnet is one of the largest distributors of servers and storage from the top manufacturers in the world from both an off-the-shelf and OEM perspective.

Wireless Data

Avnet has the ability to provide wireless data so your network can be maintained efficiently without the use of hardwired internet cables. This allows content to be updated on the fly from a single central source.